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From the cutting board to the gym floor, Abundant Fit Momma is about you becoming the fittest you that you can be. It’s about real life…

Life can sometimes be laden with setbacks and I know all too well the effects that a run of them can have on your body.  One day we wake up wondering how we got here; extra weight, feeling weak and barely catching our breath. Abundant Fit Momma is about that place beyond giving up and settling for the skin we are in.

I have watched way too many mommas, and men alike, settle for ‘less than.’ Feeling less than healthy. Feeling less than able to keep up with growing babies. Feeling less than able to do those things they once had on their dream-list. Feeling less than comfortable in their own skin.

Abundant Fit is a more holistic approach to healthy living with a passion for food, family, and helping people reach the goals they never thought were attainable. It’s about the journey, it’s about the process of becoming a better you!

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Client Transformation: ‘I dropped INCHES’ and eventually 18lbs

Weeks 1-3!

Body Composition Change

If motivation, flexibility and a personal approach is what you’re looking in a Personal Trainer, Sheri is the trainer for you! She really helped me by giving me tools to grow, such as nutrition recommendations and training challenges. Her unfailing encouragement and vast knowledge of her profession are contagious. I left each session feeling exhilarated. My fitness increased noticeably, and key for me was that she was always so patient. She ensured that my techniques were correct, which was sometimes a challenge :). Sheri is reliable, knowledgeable, and she makes every session challenging (and somehow fun)!

Sincerely,  Sue

My fitness increased noticeably!…