Meal Prepping,

I find this can be a scary topic for many people. They feel overwhelmed at the thought of the work ahead of them. Their are misconceptions that meal prepping is a time costly extravagance. But, in reality it can be an extreme time saver and calorie saver. Now I’m not talking about saving calories for the sake of consumption intake but rather what kind of calories we tend to consume when healthy food is readily available through prep.

Lets face it some days are busy and we would love to steal as many moments as we can. Meal prep Mondays are a life saver in my home. Having a veggie tray, and fruit tray isĀ  often a staple. I also like to cook my protein in enough quantity to at least last 1/2 the week. Normally that protein is organic chicken breast. Its kind of amazing how many raw veggies you will snack on or add to a meal if its all ripe and ready to pop into your mouth!

I find setting aside just about an hour to meal prep makes a huge difference in how my family functions. And I’m talking simple meal prep. I’ll trade in elaborate meals any day for meat that is cooked that i can quickly throw into a wrap, broth, on a salad, or with some left over vegetables.

Practically when we are on the ball as a family. The fruit tray is a great side dish to breakfast, a good morning snack or after dinner dessert. The veggies also follow suit for an afternoon snack or as a side dish with lunch.

Hope you enjoyed a little food prep 101. From this Abundant fit momma to you…


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