Now Although I have titled this a pregnancy smoothie it is definitely a smoothie for all! It is filled with great carbs, healthy fats and loaded with pure protein! There is no dairy in this smoothie but you can easily change it up if you are a dairy lover! I have filled this smoothie with a power punch for healthy baby and momma, and I am pretty sure its husband and kid approved :).

So, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of all those yummy tidbits we threw into the blender!

The classic banana. Bananas are filled with healthy carbs. And although they have natural sugars esp the more yellow they are, I prefer mine a little less yellow and a touch green-lowers the sugar content and they still add richness and flavor to your smoothie. Bananas are loaded with high amounts of healthy carbs, dietary fiber, folate, omega-3 & 6 essential fatty acids not to mention vitamin C, B-complex and a myriad of minerals. All these things plus the added minerals (manganese(ium), potassium, calcium, iron, copper, and selenium) aid in the development of healthy baby in utero. Some also say that the B6 in bananas aid and control nausea from morning sickness along with easing symptoms of water retention and heartburn related to pregnancy.

Popeye’s greens; spinach. Spinach is such a great green to get in daily for any one and especially when we are growing our little humans. Spinach is also loaded with the B vitamin Folate which is an essential for infant development preventing serious spinal and brain defects. As a side note Folate (NOT THE SYNTHETIC VERSION FOLIC ACID) is also found in beans, citrus fruits, and fortified cereals!

Mangos add a delicious brightness to this smoothie containing iron, Vitamin C and Potassium.

Flax adds another dose of Calcium, Fiber (and every pregnant momma knows the importance of keeping that pregnant body regular). Omega 3s (for brain development), linoleic acid and alpha-linoleic all aid in brain development especially during the first few months of pregnancy.

Chia seeds also contain Omega 3s, Calcium, and iron.

Collagen protein is the most abundant protein of the body found in our muscles, skin, blood vessels, tendons, bones and digestive system and gives our skin more elasticity and I think every momma wants that! As we age our bodies produce less collagen and me having my 3rd baby at nearly 40 I definitely want to do all I can to help myself along. I also love that this protein is virtually tasteless and blends or disappears well into whatever I put it in! Personally pre-baby I put it in my coffee for an extra protein boost in the mornings. Collagen also aids in our digestive health.

*During pregnancy our need for iron increases to support additional red blood cells, the placenta and the growing baby.

*Potassium, because your blood volume during pregnancy increases up to 50% is needed to keep extra fluid in the right chemical balance by way of a little mixture called electrolytes (sodium, potassium, and chloride).



*3/4 frozen banana

*2 cups flax milk

*1 cup of frozen organic mango chunks

*1TBS ground flax seed

*1TBS chia seeds

*1/4th Cup of Collagen Powder

*Dash of vanilla

*Pinch of salt

*ADD all into blender till smooth. makes 2 servings! ENJOY. I topped mine with coconut whip! 🙂


*If you struggle with gestational diabetes you can avoid the higher sugar content in mangos and switch it for a less sweet fruit.

*If possible you can buy unripe mangos which can ripen at home chemical free (calcium carbide).

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