Sheri has hand crafted her programs to get maximum results that meet the needs of the  individual. She offers a wide variety of programs that will help you where you are at. Some may need help solely with working out, while others may just need help from a nutritional perspective. However, because Sheri knows you can’t truly separate exercise from nutrition, there are programs that go after the total package for permanent results –  and to accommodate those that may not be able to make it out to her studio (with an attached play area for kids), she can stream via Skype for a no-excuse format!

Sheri’s currently offered customized programs consist of:pexels-photo-136405

  • Fitness Analysis & History
  • Nutritional Analysis & Counseling
  • 1-on-1 personal training at her in-home studio or via Skype streaming sessions
  • Personal Food Plan Development
  • and more!

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